How to replace a garbage disposal?

Are you thinking that replacing a garbage disposal is a daunting task? If yes, then you will be amazed to know that replacing a garbage disposal is a very simple as well as an exciting process.  Therefore, you need to connect electric power with your disposer carefully as your little mistake toward electrical connection could become the reason of any dangerous situation and unfamiliar drain fitting and sink connection may leak the fitting.

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So your garbage disposal could not consume the hardest food pieces so soft food is best to consume and hard food piece could be the main trouble for your garbage disposal. Your disposers could stop working in such kind of situation. So you could clean your disposer with the different method but if your garbage disposal don’t function properly and its warranty has expired then you need it understand that now it’s time to replace your disposer with the new one.

Now, I want to share some useful tips and tricks that may help you to replace your garbage disposal efficiently and smartly.

replace garbage disposal

Disconnect the drain arm correctly

Before taking a start, you need to disconnect the drain arm from your disposal unit. You could easily use the pliers that may help you to loosen the spring clamp holding the drain tube in place. After that, you need to remove the drain pipes from the unit through twisting the mounting nuts correctly.

Now, you need to remove the plate covering the electrical power. You should remove the cable nuts and grounding screw then try to pull the wire out of the disposer unit. In this step, you should unscrew the mounting drain and assembly. Remove the mounting ring then push the pipe flange up with the drain hole. If your newer garbage disposal is the same unit as the old models, then don’t worry, you don’t need to change the mounting hardware.

Unscrew the old unit carefully

There are many ways to unfasten the old unit. In this stage, you need to unscrew the hose clamp on the hose and try to pull the pipe from its fitting. To loosen the drain crosspiece, undo the bolts that attach the pipe flange to the garbage disposal and push the drain out with the sinkhole as well as remove away any old putty.

You need to install hardware

  • In this step, you need to install the newer hardware. Put a quality rubber seal on the underneath of the drain flange. Keeps in minds that if your garbage disposal does not consist of a rubber seal, then do not need to be worried as you could use plumber’s putty. Try to push the drain flange in the sink’s drain hole. Now you need another rubber seal that could be used on the pipe flange on the under of the sink.
  • Try to fasten the metal backup ring. Remember that most garbage disposal units utilize metal mounting hardware, but some units only use the plastic. So I would like to suggest you that check your product’s manual instruction and read the installation process correctly. After reading installation process, you need to follow all instructions one by one but carefully for better results.

Prepare your new garbage disposal

Now, you need to prepare your newer garbage disposal. So your disposer will be attached to the dishwasher drain, for this purpose you need a screwdriver and hammer to unattached knock out plug. Try to turn your garbage disposal upside-down and in this step shake it well to unscrew anything that has been used inside it.

You should also unscrew the electrical plate, and usually, you should pull the electrical cables away from the unit of your garbage disposal. Turn your strain relief sleeve into position then push the power wire with the sleeve into the disposal. You should try to fasten the sleeve firmly.

Remove the power plug

  • Another important tip I would like to share is pushing the plug. Yes, before trying to connect the dishwasher hose to your disposer, please don’t forget to unplug the electrical connection and don’t adopt the carelessness behavior during the tasks related to an electrical circuit, Because this kind of carelessness could become the risk of serious hazard.

Remove the power plug

  • Place your disposer upright then unscrew its ring. Rotate your disposal upside down and take away the plug from inside the garbage disposal then you could change the ring and gasket by retrieving the plug. You should hook up all cables and pushed up it into the accesses hole. Replace the cover and make use of the screw to secure it. Your electrical clamp must be tightened down.

Complete the installation process

After completing the above procedure now, you need to complete the installation. For this purpose, you should connect your electrical cables such as splicing the black wire to black, white to white and don’t try to connect the wires wrongly as it could become the risk of danger.

Make sure that have you connect the all wires correctly then connect the main ground cable to the green color screw on the garbage dispels and change the cover plate. If you found that your garbage disposal is heavier then you need to build a support base for holding your garbage disposal.  Try to install the snap ring that could be connected by sliding it up the flange. Now you could easily take out the rubber band.

Final thoughts

What do you think about the replacement of the garbage disposal? I am pretty sure that now you are feeling that it is easier to replace your garbage disposal conveniently and accurately by following some important tips. You could easily remove the old unit and system by following some important precautions and instructions.

After removing the unit and all other accessories related to the garbage disposal fitting, you need to fit your newer model carefully and smartly. You can turn off the electrical connection connected to the garbage disposal before starting your work.

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